LogAgg for Partners

  • Registration. We have a short registration process. Your name, your company name, pricing and coverage and the confirmation you are registered with the Nigerian CAC. Click here.
  • Pricing. Pricing is the second most important part of the provider process, only after customer service. Building your price table correctly is a recipe for faster on-boarding and profitability. Explore the options here.
  • Insurance. For our customer’s trust and safety, we have negotiated the lowest per-request rate the industry has. You are not charged for insurance until you get a request, and you are only responsible for up to N20,000. The customer can increase the value to be insured if the customer chooses. For more info, reach out to us at info@logagg.ng.
  • Some Quick How-Tos.
    • Add Users. How to add team members – a supervisor or a dispatch
    • Generate Reports. Real-time generated report on all completed request.
    • Chat with customers. How to chat with your customers real time.
    • Provide request update.